A Look at Last Spring’s Tulip Wedding

Can you smell the sweet flowers flowing in the spring breeze? Spring is finally here at last! Although it may not seems as warm as it could be & snow is still popping up every few mornings, we can finally be on the look out for some beautiful spring flowers sprouting up through the soil. Perhaps you may see yellow tulips shining in the sunshine or daffodils dancing the breeze. I have just recently seen purple crocus & hyacinth beginning to bloom outside my window. As spring begins here at Holly Hanna Floral, each of us can see wedding events quickly approaching with each of these spring flowers, along with many more! All of these flowers can be easily grown in your garden with a simple pots and splash of water to make them bloom. Holly Hanna Floral is digging up it’s dirt as we dig our heels into spring. Keep a look out for sprouts of ideas as we spring into our new season of floral events!


Ruth & Nathaniel’s tulip wedding last April was full of spring’s brightest colors. Colorful tulips blowing in the breeze on a Saturday afternoon, looked gorgeous next to her lacy wedding gown. Holly Hanna Floral added a little light pink wax flower to blend the colorful tulips into a bouquet wrapped in soft white ribbon. Tulips were a simple, elegant flowers that easily complimented this bride’s style on her on her wedding day.

Photography: Schneider Photography 

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