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Welcome to our blog with it’s mission to spread the love of flowers to all of you! Here at Holly Hanna Floral, we are excited to be launching our first blog post (WELCOME!). This is a blog dedicated to sharing the latest trends and happenings in the floral world as we make it our obligation to connect flowers to both the small and the HUGE events happening in your life. Designing the placement of each elegant flower, no matter how small (or HUGE!), is what we love to create here at Holly Hanna Floral. Adding a personal touch to any event can only be perfected when individual attention has been placed on each of your ideas to achieve your vision. We hope you will find this blog as marvelous as we do as we launch photos, tips, and advice on planning any fabulous floral occasion. Please stop by regularly on our blog to see what is coming into bloom in every inch of our floral world. Looking forward to sharing new ideas and designs with all of you!

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